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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Even in the middle of nowhere (half an hour from the nearest tiny strip of tiny stores and a gas station) we could get wifi. We had to go to the ranger station, but in a few years I’m sure we’ll be able to stroll miles into the mountain trails and find still be able […]

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Mystified in Marfa

Marfa. I still can’t get my head around Marfa. Which probably accounts for the mystique around the place. Part art colony, part Fortean destination for the mystery lights, part dusty old western town and, apparently, part performance art piece to befuddle tourists. Buildings, without any signs indicating what might lie inside, could be art galleries, […]

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Wait and See

Maggie’s away, and I’m cleaning up. Actual Spring cleaning. Maybe it’s a race-memory sort of thing, but I just have the urge to organize, clean up and clean out. And while going through my hard drive as part of the process (thorough, huh?), I came across this. It’s something I wrote back in 2000, just […]

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