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Two Signs of the Apocalypse

Sign One: Ronald McDonald is now officially a religious figure. In the new ad, a girl at a telescope complains to Ronald that she can’t see anything. Peeking out a window that turns out to be the O in the McDonald’s sign, Ronald notices that there is nothing but void. With a gesture, Ronald creates […]

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How Smart Am I?

I’ve been working in the kitchen as Maggie away. I hauled the Cintiq tablet monitor from the office and hooked it to my laptop on the breakfast bar. Why? Because the office doesn’t get direct sunlight, and until we sort out the lighting my mood is improved by not spending all of my time in […]

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Bah Humbug Ad Infinitum

Christmas time is here. As are the Christmas specials. And after around 50 years of animated television Christmas specials, you can still count great ones on one hand. And those are all almost as old as I am. Which, I’m sorry to say, is on the wrong side of the age tracks. C’mon, I dare […]

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A Golden Age

We are truly living in a Golden Age. An age of miracle and wonders. An age of enlightenment and artistic achievement. And I realized it tonight while drinking wine and eating chocolate (oops, “Chocolat”) cake at the Alamo Drafthouse. Lord how I do love Austin. The Alamo has been doing Saturday morning cartoons every Monday […]

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Seeing the World Through Innocent Eyes

It’s so wonderful to see things you never think twice about through the wide-eyed innocence of someone experiencing things for the first time. The laughter, the bright eyes, the derisive laughter… ah, good times. Yep, I’m referring to living with a foreigner from a primitive and culture free country like Great Britain. A country without […]

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