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It’s a Success!*

Maggie has made Best of the Fest for Austin’s FronteraFest theatre festival (that’s a lot of “fest” in one sentence, but I digress). She ran two pieces this year, both worthy of the honor, and her story of Queen obsession “Stalking Roger Taylor” has been chosen. The other piece is every bit as good, but the festival audiences favor the comedy and “Stalking” is a real crowd-pleaser. It even has a sing-along at the end.

And so, Maggie is very happy. But, she immediately said, she’d need to add “wildcard” when she mentioned the show’s “best of” laurels. The festival ends with three bills of “best”, two being judges picks and a wildcard night in which the theatre staff choose the shows they feel should have been picked. And the staff has had to sit through every show, while the judges (I believe) rotate through the weeks.

So let’s look at the promotional blurb from the future: “Presenting Maggie Gallant’s Stalking Roger Taylor, a FronteraFest Best of the Fest pick*”

*wildcard pick

Ah, the asterisk, the dear friend of our darker selves. The praise giveth and the asterisk taketh away. We all do it to a degree. Maggie and I are masters, though. If something goes right, if we receive a compliment or kudos or outright praise, that asterisk leaps to our rescue. Sort of like a punctuation version of Lassie, pulling Timmy from the well of positive feelings.

Here are some good asterisks for avoiding positive feelings of achievement and recognition:

* You’re only saying that to spare my feelings

* You have to say that, you’re my mother

* It’s okay, but (insert name here) does things like this so much better

* It was a fluke

* This is the best piece I’ve ever done, which means I’ll never be this good again

* You say you like it, but you also liked that Adam Sandler film

* True greatness is never recognized in its own time, so this recognition is actually an insult

* You’re lying to me because you want to get me in the sack

* Who am I kidding, nobody wants to get me in the sack

* And I’m married

So congratulations, Maggie. It is a fantastic piece that fully deserves recognition and future performances. And, dear readers, thank you for perusing this entry. I hope that you have found this both instructive and useful *

*yeah, like anyone is reading this

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  1. Mark W on March 7th, 2008

    *waves* Good entry 🙂 And believe me I hear this stuff all the time from that negative voice at the back of my head.