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Wait and See

Maggie’s away, and I’m cleaning up. Actual Spring cleaning. Maybe it’s a race-memory sort of thing, but I just have the urge to organize, clean up and clean out. And while going through my hard drive as part of the process (thorough, huh?), I came across this.

It’s something I wrote back in 2000, just after Maggie and I moved back into the States. It made me feel a bit strange… I’ve somehow bogged down and lost that feeling of freedom. It’s mental, no situational. So, Spring cleaning now includes my attitude and personal schedule. We didn’t make Australia. That has to happen soon, I’m making that promise now.

On the good side, I look so heavy in this. Both of us are in much better shape now.

While I finish a new blog, here’s what is possibly my very first.


dominican1You know the scene: He holds the camera at arm’s length and pulls her head close to his. “It’ll never work,” she says, but he just grins and pushes the button. The only way to know if it worked is to wait and see.

We’re on the beach, relaxing in the all-inclusive splendor of the Iberostar Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. When we decided to take a year out for travel, this place wasn’t on the itinerary, but it just sounded so nice and we were so desperate for the beach. Frankly, the itinerary had consisted of some driving around the States and a year-end cap-off trip to Australia. Everything else was, is, up for discussion. Wake up in the morning, point the car in whatever direction looks best, and drive. That was the plan. It’ll never work, I thought secretly. But so far, so good and as for the rest of the year, I’ll just have to wait and see.

Along the way, we’ve both fallen in love: With the open road, with a little place called Austin Texas where we plan to settle at the end of this, and with each other all over again. After a year of work and health problems and making time to see each other and never managing to quite get enough togetherness, we look back and are amazed that we let things that didn‚Äôt matter get in the way of being us. Sure, there’s such a thing as too much togetherness, but I doubt if the average two-career couple ever gets close to reaching that state. So far, as I said, so good.

worldtourAs I write this, we’ve just hit the half-way mark in our year of travel. Of course, there’s no definite deadline to finish, but I’m a sucker for artificial boundaries, and so I’ll say we’re half-way. Within the next week, we’ll pack up the VW Bug again and head West. Maybe we’ll end up buying a house in Austin, maybe we’ll just pitch a tent near some beautiful scenery and disappear for a time. We both plan to put our own updates on this site to let people know how things are working out and where we might happen to be, both geographically and mentally. And we don’t fool ourselves: We know this site is mostly for our own enjoyment and not for others. You’ve got your own lives to be excited about. Still, we hope you enjoy it and find it useful for tracking this wayward pair.

For now, I’ll leave us on that beach, arm extended, relaxed, happy and flushed with still-young love. My arm is out, my finger is on the button. Will it work? The only way to know is to wait and see.

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