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For the Horde!

Blizzard has a lot to answer for. For those of you not in the geeky know, Blizzard publishes the Warcraft series of games including World of Warcraft, the massively multi-player time vacuum. You know how it is (well, some of you know how it is): You sign on “just for a little bit” to finish some quests and kill some of those annoying pansy Alliance players. The creepy little elves and nasty nasty humans, death to them all.

Four hours later, when the bladder has filled up, you consider getting up. “How desperate am I,” you ask. “Another half an hour? Can I find a place to hide where one of those creepy, nasty, smelly, deviate Alliance players won’t find me and slaughter me while I answer nature’s call?”. Each and every one of us can relate to that, I’m sure.

Anyway, I think the comic speaks for itself. It’s a good thing that all the good stuff has been invented and created by now, because if Isaac Newton or Jonas Salk or William Shakespeare were able to sign on to World of Warcraft, our world (the real one) would be a very different place.


See you online. And if you’re one of those dirty double-dealing scumbag Alliance players, you better hope you see me first. For the Horde!!

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