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New Year, New Projects

Let me start by saying that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I always felt that those were an excuse to wait until January 1 to stop doing something, or start doing something. If something needs changing, and I know it, I (try) to get to work on it whatever the time of year.

So why am I launching two new projects on January 1 (and getting around to writing about it on the second)? Well, one involves doing something every day for a year, so it’ll be very simple to keep track of the start and end dates. The other is a weekly, open-ended project. Read more »

How Smart Am I?

I’ve been working in the kitchen as Maggie away. I hauled the Cintiq tablet monitor from the office and hooked it to my laptop on the breakfast bar. Why? Because the office doesn’t get direct sunlight, and until we sort out the lighting my mood is improved by not spending all of my time in there. I draw on the Cintiq, and the Web comic I’m developing is going to change the world forever. So I’m drawing for many hours a day and appreciate the natural lighting. However, I digress. I’m in the kitchen, with our little TV on, watching The Simpsons.

Or, I was watching them before I got engrossed in something. When I looked up, “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” had come on. I’ve carefully avoided this show. I can’t stand Jeff Foxworthy’s “aw shucks I’m a good-old boy redneck” routine. The title is downright insulting. I teach kids, some that age. I love them. They’re bright, inspired kids. But… I am smarter than them, at least in most ways. I don’t think that is either insulting to them or bragging on my part. I’d be in real trouble if I were teaching rooms full of smarter people. Read more »

Confession Time

This is going to be a difficult piece to write. I’m taking a risk here, opening up in a blog with an admission that may even come as news to my wife and friends. Because I may not be who some people think I am.

It’s an old story. Starting about age 12, everything in my life went a bit crazy. I began experiencing odd feelings when I was around my classmates, or hanging out with my friends at the pool. Watching the way they moved, the way they looked with water glistening on their skin, listening to their conversations and feeling a terrible sense of yearning and loneliness. I can admit it now. I was deeply attracted to members of… the opposite sex. Girls. I loved girls (still do, but from the standpoint of a happily married man with no designs on anyone else honestly Maggie how could you even think such a thing). I thought about them all of the time. ALL of the time. At a time when most guys were worried that they just might grow up to like other guys “in that way,” my focus stayed entirely on girls. Read more »

In My Defense…

Maggie and I got up early on Sunday to run the Schlotzky’s Annual Bun Run, one of Austin’s best 5K races. Ten years ago that sentence wouldn’t have happened. Get up early on a Sunday? Uh uh. Run a 5K? Who’d want to do that?

But now I love running. It allows me to binge on chocolate and still wear trousers without elastic waistbands. I listen to audiobooks on my jaunts around the Town Lake Hiker/Biker trail (a fact my friend Mary finds hilarious). It re-energizes me for the rest of the day. And I feel virtuous and smug. Everyone’s a winner. Read more »

Thoughts of the Random Kind

Randomness is in my nature. My brain is a non-stop chatter of ideas, images, conflicting impulses and a general stream of trivia. What sounds like a non sequitur emerging from my mouth is usually the result of someone saying something and my following the thought it evokes down paths, side streets, alleyways and through uncharted wilderness. If you’re talking about dinner and I mention a fascinating fact about Cary Grant, then there is definitely a connection somewhere. Maggie finds it endearing and sometimes stops speaking to me in admiration.

Sometimes it’s hours before she speaks to me again.

Anyway, let me share some random thoughts I’ve had over the past day or two: Read more »

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