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Confession Time

This is going to be a difficult piece to write. I’m taking a risk here, opening up in a blog with an admission that may even come as news to my wife and friends. Because I may not be who some people think I am. It’s an old story. Starting about age 12, everything in […]

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In My Defense…

Maggie and I got up early on Sunday to run the Schlotzky’s Annual Bun Run, one of Austin’s best 5K races. Ten years ago that sentence wouldn’t have happened. Get up early on a Sunday? Uh uh. Run a 5K? Who’d want to do that? But now I love running. It allows me to binge […]

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Thoughts of the Random Kind

Randomness is in my nature. My brain is a non-stop chatter of ideas, images, conflicting impulses and a general stream of trivia. What sounds like a non sequitur emerging from my mouth is usually the result of someone saying something and my following the thought it evokes down paths, side streets, alleyways and through uncharted […]

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Miscellaneous Notes

When you lose something, or something is destroyed, it helps to say “it’s just a thing.” It’s not like a loved one has died. And its true. But the other morning, I went to put on my VanArts hooded sweatshirt and found odd greasy marks all the way down the front, as if something had […]

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What’s So Funny?

First, hooray for Maggie. She made it through in her round of the Funniest Person in Austin Contest. From the very start, Maggie has been a strong stand-up comic, and has made it past the preliminary rounds. She goes on auditions and gets the parts on a consistent basis. Her first one-woman show made a […]

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