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That’s Entertainment?

I’m not sure many people would disagree with me when I say “it’s been a bad year for movies.” Because it’s been a bad year for movies. We’ve been hit with schlocky pointless remakes such as The Shaggy Dog and Poseidon and lackluster sequels such as Ice Age 2 and X-3. And the reviews for […]

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Once again, the day is saved…

It’s no secret that I’ve had some dark periods in my life. No, don’t worry, things are pretty good right now, and unless Tom Cruise marches the Scientoligists into power, modern pharmaceuticals have the promise of keeping things that way. I’m healthier and happier at 40 than I remember being at any time before. Sure, […]

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Looking for Thunder Road

When I first heard Thunder Road, I liked it a lot, but I didn’t feel I’d hit a crucial place in my musical life. The ignorance of youth. I was a young teen listening to the Eagles, Jimmy Buffett and Peter, Paul and Mary (that last one a throwback to albums my parents had played […]

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Christmas Eve in the Drunk Tank

“It was Christmas Eve, babe, in the drunk tank…” That’s how the greatest Christmas song ever recorded by a rock group, pop group or country group begins. Don’t even think to argue. It’s a song that captures the melancholy, hope and passion that surrounds this holiday. The album, If I Should Fall From Grace with […]

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Enough Already!!!

I’m really into animation, I’m sure a lot of you know that. And I work on the computer all day, and have a TV DVR built into the Mac. So I watch cartoons. Spongebob. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. And I like Kim Possible (digging those Stephen Silver […]

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