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Erik and Monkey (Talk About Life)

Once more into the breach, as the man said. I’ve started a new Webcomic, called Erik and Monkey (Talk About Life). Unlike my previous strip, Hex Libris, the title of this comic tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the strip. There’s Erik. There’s Monkey. We talk about life and that sort […]

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Erik and Monkey Talk About Life

Yesterday was our (Maggie’s and my) anniversary. I did this as a little quick gift for Maggie, but I think it contains at least one deep truth (about daiquiris, anyway). And look, I spelled daiquiri correctly! Let the strip speak for itself, though. Click on the strip so that you can actually read it.

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New Year, New Projects

Let me start by saying that I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I always felt that those were an excuse to wait until January 1 to stop doing something, or start doing something. If something needs changing, and I know it, I (try) to get to work on it whatever the time of year. So […]

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Coyote Dances, Erik Stays Awake

24 Hour Comics Day was a blast. There were 26 of us gathered around a large table with different setups. Some computers with tablets, some easels, some copier paper and pens, and me with my drawing/lightboard and pencils. Good humor abounded: the room filled with jokes and pop culture references. My idea was a story […]

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Sleepless in Austin

I won’t be getting much sleep this weekend. Since leaving AOL (with few regrets) and London (with a fair few of them) in 1999, I’ve spent a good deal of time pursuing comics and animation. In that time, I’ve taken the occasional class, worked from how-to books, doodled, scribbled, and created some illustrations of which […]

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