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Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Even in the middle of nowhere (half an hour from the nearest tiny strip of tiny stores and a gas station) we could get wifi. We had to go to the ranger station, but in a few years I’m sure we’ll be able to stroll miles into the mountain trails and find still be able to shop on Amazon. It would also help Maggie and I with our main hiking problem: we are incapable of staying on the actual trail. No matter how hard we try, we manage to take what looks like a trail and end up hoping there’s a helicopter rescue service with a sharp-eyed pilot.

Guadalupe Mountain State Park has the highest point in Texas, at 8,749 feet. You can hike to the summit and back in around 8 hours. Which is why we did the McKittrick Canyon trail instead. It takes about 4 hours, has some great views of said summit, and doesn’t require trudging along in the ever-thinning atmosphere. We also walked the Devil’s Hall trail and managed to only get lost for about 5 minutes. We also got back to nature with two nights in a tent, roughing it by eating only the food we brought in the car and making pancakes over a propane grill like the natives did before European settlers first came through. Or so I imagine.

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