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Two Signs of the Apocalypse

Sign One: Ronald McDonald is now officially a religious figure. In the new ad, a girl at a telescope complains to Ronald that she can’t see anything. Peeking out a window that turns out to be the O in the McDonald’s sign, Ronald notices that there is nothing but void. With a gesture, Ronald creates an amazing starscape, and the hills, sky and yes, the McDonald’s become visible. Let there be light, Ronald says. Otherwise, it’s too dark to eat your Big Mac.

Sign Two: Bravo is playing Patch Adams. Does anyone remember when Bravo was an arts and performance channel (hence the name?). Patch Adams, being one of the worst travesties in cinematic history, has somehow inserted itself and completed the destruction of a once good channel.

Watch for swarms of locusts, rains of blood and the Burger King to deliver some stone tablets to some old bearded guy.

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