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Enough Already!!!

I’m really into animation, I’m sure a lot of you know that. And I work on the computer all day, and have a TV DVR built into the Mac. So I watch cartoons. Spongebob. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. And I like Kim Possible (digging those Stephen Silver character designs, you can see his touch in Danny Phantom as well).

Anyway, this means that I’m getting stuck watching ads aimed at kids. There are several travesties to report to those who love music (I mean love it, not just put it on in the background and not particularly care what it is). I love music, as much as cartoons. I listen to iTunes when there are no good cartoons on… but I digress.

Travesty 1: Kidz Bop Take some current hits and get copycat, sound-alike singers to rerecord them. Then get a bunch of kids (oops, Kidz) to sing along. Not using any harmony or nothing. Just a bunch of kids singing along. I’m sure most parents have experienced this sort of thing while driving the mini-van around. I’m unsure as to why anyone would pay for a cd of this. I’m even more unsure of why kids (oops, kidz) would want it. I believe that such a thing would have struck myself and my peers as the pinnacle of uncoolness when we were the target age.

Travesty 2: Hillary Duff She’s not pretty, she can’t act and her singing is the least of her not-inconsiderable lack of talents. Why is Disney trying to make her into a pop star? And why are young girls falling for it? I’m assuming that not all of them have IQs of 80 and lower. And you guys who are college-age or older and like looking at pictures of her: “Creeeeeeppppy…”.

Travesty 3: Worship Jamz Think Kidz Bop with Christian music. All of what I’ve said previously applies. Also, having heard lots of ads on cable TV for Christian music albums, it sounds as if there have been only 8 or 9 Christian music songs written. It’s always the same ones, even after a couple of years. And the comment on The Simpsons about Christian musicians going secular was spot on: “All you have to do is change the word Jesus to Baby”. The lyric “Every move I make I make for you, you make me move, Jesus” is a case in point. Try it. And speaking of The Simpsons, maybe the target audience is Rod and Todd Flanders. I’m sure Ned wouldn’t buy it, though, not with that suspicious Z lurking in the title.

Travesty 4: The Final Straw Today, I saw a video by Bowling for Soup. I don’t know much about the band, but the name is stupid enough to be fun. They’ve covered the Modern English classic “Melt With You”, made famous in the film Valley Girl. It was so ubiquitous, it was nicknamed the Stairway to Heaven of the New Wave movement. I have a fond spot in my heart for the song: “Moving forward, using all my breath; Making love to you was never second best”. So imagine my surprise to hear Bowling for Soup singing “…Being friends with you was never second best.” I know the country is swing swing swinging to the right, but how much more infantilized are we going to become? Are they going to rework Like a Virgin (a song I hate, but still) as “Like a young girl, being friends for the very first time”?

Stand up now! Get angry! Support musicians who aren’t giving in to corporate pressure and actually doing what they want to do. Me, I’m listening to The Clash and missing Joe Strummer. God knows we need him now.

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